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XL Wolf

XL Wolf

Head of Staff Team

Head of Staff Team

There's a certain responsibility that comes with being a Moderator of a Nexus Gaming forum. You will be in charge of keeping the forum clean or spam, organizing the topics, and preforming basic moderator actions such as locking, moving, merging, or even deleting topics. Not only will you be in charge of this forum, you will also need to have a superior knowledge of the game itself.

So in-order for you to apply or become a Mod for a specific gaming forum, you will need to have great experience with the specific game itself. This is required because another duty as Mod will be to support and help members with all questions or concerns involving our connections with the game.

If Nexus owns a server for the game you're currently in-charge of, you're expected to be active and know informing knowledge pertaining to the server. Along with all of this, our moderators are expected to keep their activity on the forums at a all time high. Failure to do so will result in the removal of your moderator permissions.


Current Open Positions: TF2 Forum Mod, League of Legends Forum Mod


Copy & Paste this forum filled out in a New Topic

Mod Application Form wrote:What position are you applying for?

How long have you been a member of the community?

Any prior experience with moderating?

How old are you?

Are you willing to be a representing member of the Nexus Gaming Hub?

Rate from (1-10) your activity on the forums.

Please be 100% serious when applying for Mod positions. This isn't a small task and it ins't responsibility to be taking lightly.
Thanks for the support.

~ Staff Team Manager

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